Our Programs

Our Programs


  • Our Youth Development Philosophy is an asset based approach from the work done by the Search Institute. The Institute identified 40 developmental assets, and the more assets each youth develops the stronger the probability of the youth making the successful transition to adulthood. Boys & Girls Club programs directly affect 21 of these 40 assets. Assets such as a caring adult, positive outlook on their future, diverse experiences, being challenged, and being in a safe environment.

    Our nationally-recognized, evidence-based initiatives impact children in three essential ways: academic success, character and citizenship, and healthy lifestyles.

    Our summer camp provide a positive and exciting experience, in a safe and accepting environment. Our programs are designed to enhance our camper's self-esteem and leadership skills through structured activities and interactive themes.
  • STEM

    Hands on, innovative projects and activities in STEM programs. This integrative approach engages youth in activities that build on their interests and provides an opportunity for STEM career exploration.

    A youth development strategy that includes sports and games underlies all of our programs and fosters a sense of belonging, competence, and usefulness.

    The pre-school program is designed to enhance social and emotional developmental as kids prepare to enter into Kindergarten. Students participate in various sport activities using our gymnasium, dance studio and multipurpose room.

    Teen members can participate in various programs lead by Club teen staff and partners. These include Tutoring, SAT Prep, Teen Lounge, Internships, Dance Studio, College Prep, Field Trips, Arcade and a lot more.

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