Summer Camp FAQ

Summer Camp FAQs


Summer Day Camp Common Questions and Answers

Camp Activities, Cost & Scholarships, Covid-19, Health & Safety, Transportation, Lunch & more


Q: Can I come and do a tour before Camp begins?

A: Yes. We will be offering tours on April 24thas a part of our Summer Camp Open House. Register at or feel free to call 609-695-6060 and schedule a tour for the provided time slots. 


Q: What kind of activities do you offer?

A: We aim to offer a well-rounded, general camp experience for fun and learning. Activities include everything from art and sports to STEM and cultural enrichment activities including fun  and educational field trips outside. We'll have weekly themes for structured activities, so we can nuture your child's mind and spirt.   


Q: Is the Club affiliated with a particular church or denomination?

A: No. The Boys & Girls Clubs of Mercer County Summer Day Camp is intentionally a non-denominational camp run by a Board of Directors and has been serving the area for over 80 years. We are part of the national Boys & Girls Clubs of America, which allows us to utilize proven practices and curriculum to improve children's lives.


Q: Do you offer scholarships?

A: Yes. It is a club policy to never turn anyone away due to the inability to pay. The scholarship form is separate from the registration form. You can fill it out as you register your child. Your reservation for Camp will be maintained while reviewing your scholarship application and getting in touch with you about what we can offer. Please don't hesitate to call or email with any questions.


Q: Do you offer multi-week discounts?

A: No. There are no discounts for multiple weeks or sibling discounts.


Q: Swimming at Summer Day Camp? 

A: Campers will swim at least once a week during Camp. On swim days, please pack a towel, swimsuit, change of clothes, and sunscreen.


Q: What is the staff-to-child ratio for each age group for Summer Day Camp?       

A: The Boys & Girls Club is a licensed facility and follows all supervision guidelines. Ratios are determined based on the age of the camper. In most cases, we follow a 1 to 10 ratio. Please contact us if you wish to discuss your specific age group.


         Summer Day Camp Covid-19 temperature check in - we follow protocols            Summer Day Camp Planting in Garden to harvest later



Q: What Covid-19 protocols do you follow?

The summer camp programs will have limited capacity to maintain smaller groups. We have been successfully using specific protocols this past year. These include:

  • Sanitization: We are stocked well with hand sanitizer and cleaning supplies around the center. The staff has scheduled cleaning times. Campers can bring their own as well!
  • Masks: Campers and staff must all wear masks.  
  • Social Distancing: Campers will be outside as much as possible this summer and social-distanced when necessary. All games, classes, events, eating, etc., that involve close quarters will be modified to account for distance.


Q: How is the Boys & Girls Clubs Summer Camp dealing with COVID regulations?  

A: The Boys & Girls Clubs of Mercer summer camp will follow the best practices, regulations, and recommendations of the CDC and Department of Health regarding COVID safety. If we cannot host programs as expected, we will cancel or provide an alternative that does meet the current regulations. We are committed to finding creative and safe solutions to allow the return of the summer camp programming.



Q: What happens if my child becomes ill or is injured?

A: The camp staff will provide minor medical treatment. If your child becomes acutely ill, we will keep them in the Health Center no more than 24 hours and send any child with a contagious illness home. If you suspect that your child has been exposed to a contagious illness (such as chickenpox or head lice) before coming to Camp or has had a fever within the 24 hours before camp arrival, please call Camp to discuss rescheduling your child.


Q: What should I do if my child has any medicine and needs it daily?

A: Parents must give all medications to Camp Director. A child may not administer meds on their own. Medications must be in prescribed bottles with a label stating the child's name, instructions, and dosage amount.


              summer day camp camper eating lunch         



Q: Someone other than me (the legal guardian) will pick up or drop off my camper. Do I need to notify the office?

A: Yes. We must have written and signed permission if someone other than the legal guardian is picking up a camper.


Q: Where do I drop off and pick up my child?    

A: We offer door-to-door pick-up and drop-off directly in front of both Spruce Street and Centre Street Clubhouses' main entrance. Please remain in your car while our staff assists you.


Q: Can I provide lunch or snacks for my child?

A: Yes; however, parents must provide all lunch/snacks before their child enters the building. Parents will not be able to drop off any food for members throughout the day.


Q: What should my child bring to Camp every day?       

A: Students can bring a lunch, am/pm snack, and water bottles. Campers should bring a bathing suit and towel clearly marked with their name on swim days and an applicable change of clothes. Also, we encourage our campers to use sunscreen for protection. Teachers will offer reminders to use throughout the camp day. Campers should carry all items in a lightweight backpack.


Q: Can my child bring their cell phone, gaming device, or other electronics?

A: No electronics are allowed at the Boys & Girls Club Teen Summer Camp. If you would like your child to have their cell phones for emergency purposes, they must keep them in their book bag or locker. We are not responsible for any lost or stolen property



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