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The BGC Mercer Computer Exchange

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  • The Boys & Girls Club Computer Exchange is a social entrepreneurial business in which Mercer County area high school students sharpen their IT skills by preparing donated computer equipment for resale.

    Professional staff members and community volunteers assist trained Boys & Girls Club members to scan, clean and repair computers, and install operating systems. Refurbished computers are offered for sale at modest prices (starting at $35) during store hours.

    Proceeds from the Computer Exchange help to fund workplace-readiness programs at the Boys & Girls Club, including the computer and technology career track.

    The Boys & Girls Club Computer Exchange is located at 1040 Spruce Street, in Lawrence, NJ. 


    Due to COVID-19,  the Computer Exchange will remain closed until in-person restrictions are removed for agencies serving youth.


    Any individual looking to donate a computer should reach out to Trenton Digital Initiative (TDI)


    If you represent a company looking to donate computers or related gear, please contact Dave Anderson at

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Computer Exchange FAQ

  • What is the Computer Exchange?

    The Boys & Girls Club Computer Exchange is a new social entrepreneurial business in which Mercer County area high school students sharpen their IT skills by preparing donated computer equipment for resale.

    Area residents and businesses can donate their used equipment to the Computer Exchange for students to make ready for resale. Refurbished computers are offered at modest prices (starting at $35) to the community during store hours.

    The Computer Exchange is a training program for Club teens that provides work experiences, part-time jobs, and guidance on pursuing careers in the field of technology. Proceeds from the Computer Exchange provide a revenue stream to help the Boys & Girls Club develop career pathways for teens.

  • Where is the Computer Exchange and when is it open?

    The Boys & Girls Club Computer Exchange is located at 1040 Spruce Street, in Lawrence, NJ.

    Due to COVID-19, the Computer Exchange needs to remain closed until in-person restrictions are removed for agencies serving youth.

  • How can I get involved?

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    Volunteers are needed to assist with all aspects of the Computer Exchange. They can train teens to work on equipment, help to run the store, promote the Exchange, transport equipment, and conduct drives in the community to accept donations. Click here to learn more about volunteering at the Computer Exchange.

  • Why should I donate my old computer to the Boys & Girls Club?

    Recycling your old computer with the Boys & Girls Club is a great way to get it into the hands of someone who can use it to the benefit of those in your community.

  • Where are my reusable electronic products likely to go?

    There are two possible streams of reuse for refurbished computer equipment.

    One is for use in Boys & Girls Club programs.

    The other is for resale at modest prices to members of the greater Trenton community.

  • What kind of donated equipment can the Computer Exchange accept?

    The Exchange seeks computers that are not older than Windows 7, in working condition, and Internet-capable.

    Also needed are flat-screen monitors, laser printers, mice, keyboards, and cables. We do not accept broken printers.

  • What if I have confidential information on my computer?

    The Boys & Girls Club will remove all data from storage devices in accordance with industry standards.

    Devices that are non-operational will be recycled through township or county recycling programs.

  • Should I include the software and licenses with my system?

    Yes. Although certainly not required, older computers work best with older software, so it's useful to pass along any software that goes with your older computer such as restore CDs, documentation, and any other software you will not be using on your replacement equipment.

  • Will my donation be used as is or will it have to be refurbished or upgraded?

    Almost all three-to-five-year-old working computers can be upgraded to do the six things most people do with computers: Internet browsing, e-mail, word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, and finances. We may install larger hard drives, more RAM, and network cards.

  • Am I eligible for a tax break if I donate my old electronics?

    Yes, if you donate it to a library, school, or a nonprofit program such as the Boys & Girls Club. The tax laws pertaining to this are Section 170 of the Federal Income Tax Code, the New Millennium Classrooms Act, and the 21st Century Classrooms Act. Business donors can deduct the un-depreciated value of the computer, and individuals can deduct the current market value of a computer.

    Example: A computer and related software with a purchase price of $3,000, valued at $500 at time of contribution, receives a $500 deduction on Schedule A. A written receipt must be received and Form 8283 should be attached to returns. The tax receipt that a nonprofit provides should have your name on it, the name and identifying number of the recipient organization, and the model and type of equipment donated. Click here to download a Computer Donation Form.The Boys & Girls is not authorized to appraise the value of your equipment. You are responsible for the determination of the value of your donated equipment.

  • How do I donate my equipment to the Boys & Girls Club Computer Exchange?

    You can take your computer equipment to the Computer Exchange during store hours and/or make arrangements to have multiple computers picked up by contacting David Anderson, 609-392-3191 ext 112.

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Donate Computer Equipment

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  • You can take used computer equipment in working condition to the Computer Exchange between the hours of 5 PM to 8 PM on Tuesdays and Thursdays. To learn about the type of equipment the Computer Exchange can accept, see Frequently Asked Questions.

    The Boys & Girls Club Computer Exchange is located at the Boys & Girls Club, 1040 Spruce Street, in Lawrence, NJ.

    If you are an organization with more than a few computers to donate, you can make arrangements for a specific delivery time and/or arrange to have them picked up by contacting David Anderson,, 609-392-3191 x 112

    You may be eligible for a tax deduction. The Boys & Girls Club will send you a written receipt if you complete and submit a Computer Donation Form. Your tax receipt should contain the model numbers and types of equipment donated.

    The Boys & Girls is not authorized to appraise the value of your equipment. You are responsible for the determination of the value of your donated equipment.

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Run a Computer Drive

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  • Running a computer drive for the Boys & Girls Club is a rewarding community service for your school, company, organization, or faith group. A computer drive is a focused effort that encourages individuals to donate computer equipment that they no longer need or use.

    Club teens and volunteer mentors will recondition donated computer equipment and offer it for resale at modest prices at the Computer Exchange.

  • What are the benefits of holding a Computer Drive?

    1. Positive recognition for your organization.
    2. Donor satisfaction that used computer equipment is put to good use.
    3. Creative support of recycling and environmental stewardship.
    4. Freeing space in your storage areas.
    5. Eligibility for tax deductions.
    6. Offers the public a low-cost means of acquiring a computer.
    7. Helps raise funds to sustain Boys & Girls Club programs for teens.  

  • Here are the recommended steps for organizing a Computer Drive.

    1. Obtain approval from your organization's leadership.
    2. Designate a Computer Drive Coordinator.
    3. Work with the Computer Exchange Drive Coordinator to begin planning your drive. The Boys & Girls Club will provide sample flyers to edit and Computer Donation Forms.
    4. Publicize the event to your target audience.
    5. Manage the Computer Drive on the day(s) of collection. 

  • Questions You Will Need To Answer:

    1. When? This will depend on your organization and target audience. For some groups, a single or half-day weekend event works well. For others, a week-long computer drive will be more effective.
    2. Where? The best sites are centrally-located, easily-identifiable, and convenient for both donors and volunteers. While empty lots can work well, a nearby building is advisable (for the facilities and in case of inclement weather). A covered walkway also works well in the event of rain.
    3. What materials are needed? A Computer Drive Coordinator provides organizers with customized flyers to promote the Drive, a Volunteer Sign-in Sheet, and Computer Donation Forms. The host organization supplies tables, chairs, signage, and an adequate number of volunteers (at least one or two at all times). 

  • Site Preparation

    Be sure to arrive at your site at least one hour before the collection start time to post signs, set up the table, and organize volunteers. Late volunteer arrival combined with an early influx of donations can disrupt your efforts; expend time and energy, and fray relationships with volunteers and donors. It also is important to schedule enough volunteers to ensure that Computer Donation Forms are completed properly. Otherwise, your donors will not receive a written letter for tax deduction purposes.

  • Transporting the Equipment to the Computer Exchange

    The Boys & Girls Club will work with your Drive Coordinator on a transportation plan. If your organization or volunteer group has access to a truck, you can deliver the equipment to our store. Alternately, the Computer Exchange will make arrangements to pick up the equipment at the drive location.

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  • Event Publicity

    The number of computers that you collect will depend in large part on your publicity efforts. Your organization's Computer Exchange Drive Coordinator should strategize with fellow volunteers to determine an optimum publicity approach. A Computer Exchange volunteer will be available to help you create a press release to aid in promoting your drive. Depending on your situation, you may want to contact distribute customized flyers, and contact prospective donors via email.

Volunteer at the Computer Exchange

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  • There are a variety of ways in which Volunteers can help with the Boys & Girls Club Computer Exchange.

    Train High School Teens in computer repair – Work alongside Boys & Girls Club staff members on building teens' skills with the goal that they will undertake and pass the IT Essential certification. Volunteers also can offer guidance for teens about computer and technology career paths. Volunteers can drop by at any time during Computer Exchange hours. Mentoring sessions can be scheduled at the Computer Exchange during normal business hours based on mentor and mentee schedules.

    Volunteer at the Exchange to repair computers, install operating systems, and assist customers in purchasing computer equipment. Volunteers are encouraged to drop in at any time. However, the Boys & Girls Club requests that volunteers commit to one (1) volunteer shift (3 hours) per month.

    Promoting the Computer Exchange – Assist in marketing the exchange to both corporations and community groups that may wish to donate used computers to the Exchange. Also, publicize the availability of used computers for purchase to the greater Mercer County community. Volunteers working on this committee will meet quarterly to develop strategies and allocate tasks.

    Organizing Computer Drives – Work as part of a team that recruits organizations to run computer drives for the Exchange. Individuals also are needed to lead computer drives at their companies, churches, and civic groups.

    Transportation – Become part of a team that picks up computer donations at local businesses or at computer drives and then takes them to the Computer Exchange. Dates and times are scheduled through a transportation coordinator, based on availability.


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