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Child Care

Child Care at the Club

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    This school year will be challenging as parents seek quality and continuous childcare to ensure they have coverage 5 days a week with varying and changing school schedules. We know schools are virtual or in a hybred model, and have varying dismissal times.  Parents, particularly those working, have to find quality child care that fits into the school and their schedules. In response, BGC Mercer will provide child care options in a safe, structured, and caring environment for parents to address their child’s learning, social, and enrichment needs and their family situation.  We are local community-based provider serving Mercer County for over 80 years. Many of our trained staff have been with us for years, supporting youth in education and development. Building on our past success and service, we have new child care grants and scholarships that can help support monthly payments.


    We have in-person child care options at our Centre and Spruce Street Clubhouses:
    •  Full Day Child Care - up to 5 days per week for students doing virtual school from our classrooms. Click here for details 
    •  Traditional after school program (3pm-5:30pm), 5 days per week. Click here for details.


    Plus, we offer you flexibility in both our programs with blended versions of both our full-day and traditional after school program. Your child can continue with these programs, and you can get child care coverage, when the in-person school schedule varies with half-days or virtual days.
    Don't forget we have at-home programming as well. Our at-home Virtual ASP program contains 3 hours of curriculum designed for students at grade levels k-8.  More info & registration at




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