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Donate a Bike

  • Take your used bicycle, in any condition, to the Boys & Girls Clubs Bike Exchange or to any of our participating bike shops. Complete a donation form to request a receipt from the Boys & Girls Clubs for tax purposes. 

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Run a Bike Drive

  • Muliple Bikes

  • Running a bike collection drive for the Boys & Girls Clubs Bike Exchange is a fun and rewarding community service project for your school, company, civic or faith organization. Bike drives encourage people to donate bikes that no longer are being used so they can be reconditioned and put to good use.
    Bike drives create positive awareness for your organization, support recycling and environmental causes, and free up space in your garage and storage areas.

    To Organize a Bike Drive:
    Obtain approval from your organization's leader.
    Designate a bike drive coordinator.
    Contact the Bike Exchange at to schedule your bike drive and bike pick up or message us on facebook at
    Publicize the event to your target donors.
    Secure volunteers to help out on the day of your bike drive. 

Million Dollar Celebration

BEX Million Dollar Celebration

Frequently Asked Questions about Bike Drives

Frequently Asked Questions about Bike Drives

  • When should we hold a bike drive?

    This depends on your organization and target donors. For some groups, a single or half-day weekend event works well. For others, a week- long bike drive is more effective.

  • Where is the best location for a bike drive?

    The best site for a bike drive is centrally-located, easily-identifiable, and convenient for both donors and volunteers. While empty lots can work well, a nearby building is advisable (for bathroom facilities or in case of bad weather). A covered walkway also works well in the event of rain. A bike drive runs rain or shine!

  • How do we get the word out?

    Create a poster to promote your bike drive. The number of bicycles you collect depends a lot on your publicity efforts. A bike drive coordinator will strategize with you and your volunteers to determine the best approach. A Bike Exchange volunteer is always available to help you create a press release to promote your bike drive. You also can contact your local press and distribute flyers.

  • What do I need to run a bike drive?

    You will need flyers to promote the event, a volunteer sign-in sheet, and donation forms (available from the Bike Exchange). You also will need tables, chairs, signs, and an adequate number of volunteers. If outdoors, you should have a tarp in case of bad weather. Be sure to arrive at your site at least an hour before the collection start time to post signs, set up the table, and to organize the volunteers.

  • How do the bicycle donations get to the Boys & Girls Clubs Bike Exchange?

    Bike Exchange volunteers will pick up your donated bicycles on the day of your bike drive and transport them to the bike shop. This is arranged ahead of time.

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Volunteer at the Bike Exchange

  • Many bikes of different sizes and colors

  • The Boys & Girls Clubs Bike Exchange needs volunteers. You do not need to be a bike mechanic or interested in bike repair to help the Boys & Girls Club at the Bike Exchange. Our volunteers assist people select the best bike for them, at bike drives, transporting bikes to the Bike Exchange shop.

    Take a bike repair course! If you are interested in reconditioning bicycles for sale, we offer a bike repair course and the opportunity to practice your new skills on lots of bikes.

    The Bike Exchange is open on Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 5:00 PM to 7:45 PM and on Saturdays from 10:00 AM to 3:45 PM p.m. 

    Thursdays - 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm Volunteers work at the Bike Exchange at least one day per month. The shop is closed during the three winter months.

    To volunteer at the Boys & Girls Clubs Bike Exchange or to get more information, send an email to  or message us on facebook at


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