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CEO Transition FAQ

  • CEO Transition FAQ

    For Staff, Volunteers, Donors, Partners and Supporters

    1.     When will the transfer take place?   

    •  While Dave and Reggie are currently working together to ensure a smooth transition, it will officially take place on July 1, 2022.


    2.    Where will Reggie’s office be located? 

    • Reggie will be located at our Administrative offices at 212 Centre Street in Trenton.

    3.    Where will Dave’s office be located?  

    • Dave will be working remotely three-quarters of the time.  When in Trenton, he will share an office with the Development team at 212 Centre Street.

    4.    How has Reggie prepared himself for this transition?  

    • The Board of Directors has been implementing a succession plan for the past two years, providing training and development opportunities for all leadership team members.  Reggie has specifically participated in Boys & Girls Clubs of America Executive Development program for future CEOs, has been in an Executive Director mentoring program, and has been assuming CEO leadership tasks within his normal scope of work.


    5.    What will Reggie’s Responsibilities be?

    • Support the Board & Organizational Committees
    • Managing the Clubs operations with the Club’s two Directors of Operations
    • Supervising and support the Club’s financial performance and human resources with the Club’s Director of Business & Administration.
    • Providing leadership in implementing the Club’s Strategic Plan. Supervising the Club’s Development & Strategic Partnerships under Dave’s leadership.


    6.     What will Dave’s responsibilities be? 

    • Lead and support the Club’s Development activities
    • Supervise and support the Club’s Marketing efforts
    • Supervise and support the Clubs Bike Exchange & Princeton E-Bikes programs
    • Lead and Support the Club’s Foundation Efforts
    • Develop and foster the growth of strategic partnerships to provide resources for Club operations.


    7.     What is the Club doing to ensure Reggie’s Success as CEO?

    • Provided significant training and coaching prior to this announcement as part of the Club’s succession planning.
    • The Board of Directors Executive Committee will be supporting Reggie in his new role and, in conjunction with Reggie, has created a detailed onboarding plan which, among other things, provides for coaching and mentoring.
    • Reggie will participate in Boys & Girls Clubs of America’s new CEO on-boarding program.
    • Reggie has a network of 24 other Boys & Girls Club CEO’s in NJ as colleagues for resources.
    • Dave will continue to support the fundraising portion of operations to allow Reggie to focus on operations, the Board and leading the organization.
    • Dave as part of the Club’s leadership team will provide Reggie and the organization with a wealth of knowledge and experience as a resource.

    8.    What has been the reaction of donors and supporters of the Club to the Success Plan?

    • Donors and supporters are excited that Reggie has a chance to lead the organization.
    • They like that Reggie is getting a chance to lead, but that Dave is still staying involved in the organization in a supporting role.
    • They are pleased that the Board of Directors put so much time and effort into this succession plan, and they like the succession plan.
    • They are happy for both Dave and Reggie.


    9.    How will Dave and Reggie get along in their new roles?

    • Dave will be reporting to Reggie and be a member of the CEO’s leadership team.
    • Dave and Reggie have been working as a team for 20 years and fully support the Succession Plan.
    • With Dave working remotely three-quarters of the time, Reggie will be the visible leader of the organization.
    • After 30+ years as a CEO, Dave is ready for a different role and is eager to support Reggie’s success in a secondary role.


    10.    How will this change affect Club operations?

    • This transition will not change the Club’s current day to day operations, scope of work or direction.  Reggie is currently running all of the Club’s operations, and will continue to do so in his new role, with the support of the organizations two Director of Operations staff.
    • The majority of staff reporting lines will stay the same.  Just shifting chairs at the leadership level.
    • Reggie will be working with the Board & key stakeholders on implementing the Clubs 2022-2024 Strategic plan, which is still in development.

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