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    "We agreed that we wanted to do something significant for Trenton youth.  We chose the Boys & Girls Club for two reasons.

    First, we like the fact that the Club provides a healthful and fun place for youth of all ages during critical after school and summer hours and offers a great alternative to "hanging out" during these times when many youth, and especially teens, get into trouble.  In many cases, this trouble has  significant negative impacts for the rest of their lives.

    Second, we chose BGC Mercer because it is one of the largest and most effective youth organizations serving Trenton.  Smaller youth organizations must devote a larger share of their resources to management and fundraising.  Another factor in our decision the Boys & Girls Clubs has been recognized by multiple independent organizations as one of the best managed non-profits in New Jersey.

    We decided to make a six-figure gift to the Club, rather than making several smaller gifts to more organizations, because we felt this would have the maximum impact and because it is more satisfying knowing that our gift would make a significant difference to this effective and important organization."


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