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angle-left Fall STEM Conference 2022 offers excitement, hands-on learning, and career insight  

Workshops and Panels for 4th-9th Graders

At our annual November STEM Conference, over 250 4th-9th graders took 3 workshops and heard speakers that amazed, educated, and inspired the pursuit of STEM in school and STEM careers. It was our biggest turnout EVER! Big shout-out of thanks to all the organizations, individuals, and corporate presenters, #Starbucks and Ewing Wrestling for breakfast and lunch, Keynote BGCM alumni Sean Campbell (Cyber IT Company Arctic Wolf), and all our panelist. Students attended workshops where they did everything from extract Strawberry DNA, learned about Plasm & Fusion Energy, Phytoplankton in rivers and Climate Weather in Oceans, made SLIME and hand lotion, applied a cast to a “bone injury,” engineered roller coasts and suspension bridges (Roebling), familiarized themselves with Cyber Security, Polygraph Science, Python programming and chemistry of Dry Ice. Wow! Thank you all! See Photos .

Thanks to many organizations and 100 volunteers for your support. We could not have done it without you! Accenture, Bloomberg, BMS, Capital Health System, Ewing Wrestling, Integris IT, Johnson & Johnson, Mad Science, MCCC, Mercer County Prosecutors Office, Millhill, Princeton Plasma Physics Lab, Princeton University, Rutgers 4H, Sean Campbell (BGCM Alumni Keynote), SPLASH Delaware River Floating Class, Starbucks, Thermo Fisher.


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