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9 Mental Health Tips for Youth

Just because kids don’t bear the same responsibilities as adults, that doesn’t mean that they don’t feel scared or anxious during stressful times. Boys & Girls Clubs focus on building...

BGC Community Council

  About The BGC Community Council   Launched in January 2023, the BGC Mercer Community Council is made up of local business owners, and operators and...

It’s Official - Our Keystone Club is Reactivated!

It’s official - Our Keystone Club received its charter from BGCA and is reactivated!  The Keystone Club is a National BGC program that provides leadership development opportunities for high...

New Speaker Series Helps Club Teens Explore Careers

For many teens in High School, the thought of life after graduation, enrolling in college, choosing a career, or finding work can be stressful. Where can I find a job? What school do I want...

Young Artists Show Off

Over the past few months, Club parents, teachers, volunteers and staff have helped to motivate our club artists and the result is amazing!  On Thursday, January 26, 2023 BGC Mercer showcased...

Boys & Girls Clubs Gets Support from Times Holiday Appeal

We’re honored to have been selected by the Times ( for this year’s holiday appeal.

Fall STEM Conference 2022 offers excitement, hands-on learning, and career insight  

At our annual November STEM Conference, over 250 4th-9th graders took 3 workshops and heard speakers that amazed, educated, and inspired the pursuit of STEM in school and STEM careers. It...

College, Career, & Job Fair Fall 2022

Our October 2022 College Career and Job Fair at Spruce Street Clubhouse attracted dozens of universities and a number of education support agencies/associations plus several businesses and...

Reggie Coleman in the News

Reggie Coleman takes over the leadership role at BGC Mercer. Read about Reggie's and the Club's History in Community News.

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