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Upcoming Events and Programs at Boys & Girls Clubs of Mercer County

Boys & Girls Clubs of Mercer County provide young people, in Mercer County, ages 5-18, with social, enrichment, and recreational activities. Our programs and events held after school, on weekends, and over the summer focus on improving youth outcomes in education, developing social emotional competency and leadership skills, and teaching youth to develop healthy lifestyles through physical activity and nutrition.

We offer a variety of events associated with our programs for youth. New members and guests are often welcome to attend our youth events without membership. We also provide opportunities at events for community volunteers to present, teach, tutor, or coach our Club kids throughout the year. Our introductory events for both youth and volunteers allow you to experience the Club and learn more.

As a non-profit organization, we invite the community to participate in upcoming events - engaging, volunteering, and fundraising, to help us fulfill our mission.  Our major fundraising events make it possible for us to sustain and grow our services to meet the needs of youth in the Trenton area. Please join us at upcoming events.

  • 85th Anniversary

    Friday evening, June 17th - Barbecue @ Spruce Street Clubhouse outside.

    Food, drink, fun activities, and recognition.

    Celebrations throughout the year!


  • Annual Art Show

    Thursday, February 10th 5pm - 6pm Virtual from Spruce Street Clubhouse  
    Showcase of artwork produced by Club Youth. Winners submitted to BGCA competition.

    More info and to attend, contact Christina at cjones@bgcmercer.org

  • Summer Camp Open House

    Saturday, March 26, 10am - 1pm @ Spruce Street Clubhouse

    Options to attend in-person, drive-by, and virtually.



- EXPIRATION DATE: 2021 / 12 / 07


- EXPIRATION DATE: 2020 / 12 / 18

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