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Transportation FAQ

After School Programs

Is there transportation to the BGC Mercer After School Program?
If our program is not in your local school, the Club provides free daily transportation from many schools in the Trenton/Ewing/Lawrence districts to our community centers.  

What schools have transportation from the school to the Community Center?
Our Spruce Street Community Center (1040 Spruce Street, Lawrence) provides free daily busing from the following schools:  Slackwood, Eldridge Park, Trenton Catholic Preparatory Academy, Fisher, Paul Robeson Charter, Hedgepath Williams, Achievers, Holland (formerly TCHS West), Copeland (formerly Columbus), McKnight (formerly Woodrow Wilson). 

Our Centre Street Community Center (212 Centre Street, Trenton) provides free daily busing from the following schools: Village Charter, Monument, Jefferson, Joyce Kilmer, STEM Civics, and Foundation Academy.

How does it work?
If the program is off-site from the student’s school, our bus picks up youth from designated school personnel at each school. Parents are responsible for picking up their child at the Centre Street or Spruce Street locations.

With teens in high school, is there transportation back from the Spruce Street location?
Yes. Teens are picked up from the High Schools (Trenton High, Ewing High, Lawrence High, Foundation Academy, STEM Civics) and dropped off at Spruce Street. See Teen Bus Schedule.
At the end of the program, there are 2 bus shifts for teens, one at 6:00 pm and one at 8:00 pm that takes the youth back to stops close to those schools. These stops are dependent upon the locations of the majority of youth attending in September. Also, parents can pick up teens at Spruce Street.


What if there is no bus from my child’s school?
Please contact us at 609-695-6060, so we can be aware of the situation. When there is enough demand for busing from a school site, we may start a new route.

On half-days, is there busing to the after school program?
If the after school program is open, there is busing from the school on half-days. Keep in touch through Remind or your child’s program leader.

Are parents responsible for picking up their child from the After School Program?
Yes. At all locations, parents or designated drivers are responsible for picking up their students curbside by the end of the program day (6:00 pm). Please be on time. Failure to pick up your child by 6:00 pm may result in a late fee charged by the minute.

What is the transportation policy?
Please remember that transportation to an after school program is a privilege. Remind your child that good van/bus behavior is a matter of safety. Children are expected to display appropriate behavior on the bus at all times. Any reported problems will be handled according to our discipline code (See Member Code of Conduct).


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