Teen STEM Conference

Teen STEM Conference November 7th

Teen STEM Conference 2019

  • Thursday, November 7th, 9:00 AM to 2:30 pm

    Join us at  BGC Spruce Street Clubhouse, 1040 Spruce Street, Lawrenceville

    Suitable for 5th to 9th graders

    Register by November 4th $35 or $40 late/walk-in registration (box lunch included) 

    – Scholarships Available--

Choose (2) from over 10 amazing workshops along with a career panel.

Workshop Descriptions

1. Sustainable Design: Students will learn why some things are “recyclable” and others aren’t, including an overview on recyclability and the components of sustainable design for products and packaging. Students will have the chance to design and build a product from waste. Presenter: TerraCycle

2. IT Tech – Learn what it takes to become IT essential trained to work on computer hardware and software, what jobs/careers this translates into, as well as opportunities to gain internship experiences while still in high school.  Student will learn various PC component parts and in teams re-assemble a PC.  Presenter: Comcast

3. Microscopic Wonders of the World - In this workshop, students will be introduced to general and clinical microbiology. A brief introduction of the profession of medical laboratory science will be provided. Students will learn how to use the microscope, visualize microorganisms, microscopic animals, and human blood cells under the microscope, and will perform activities related to laboratory science.  Presenter: MCCC

4. Circuits & electricity Building a Light Bulb - Students will learn basic principles of electricity while using regular household items to construct a simple circuit that results in a homemade light bulb. Many household items contain circuits and switches that allow a free flow of electricity. 

5. Space Technology - Discover technology that’s out of this world!  Steer a laser beam through a laser maze, and discover everyday objects originally designed for use in space!  Take home a Mad Science Stereoscopic Viewer and observe actual 3-D images from NASA’s probe transmissions.  Presenter: Mad Science

6. Electric Cars, Autonomous Vehicles and the Future of Transportation– Learn about current state of electronic car transportation and what the future may look like for these cars and autonomous vehicles.  Get an up close and personal look at a Telsa car. Presenter: Domain Computer Associates

7. Network Design – In this workshop students will learn about the different components of a companies network system and how it’s designed.  They will then design their own network system.  They will also learn about career opportunities within this industry, along with programs that they can participate in while in high school.  Presenter:  Project Pi Discovery

8. The Power of Bubbles - In this activity students will have the opportunity to learn about microbiology and its important role in developing a product that really works. The students will be provided with a glimpse into just how many germs there are in the everyday things they touch and interact with. The students will then formulate their own cleanser and test the antibacterial effectiveness of their product. We will then engage the students to brainstorm different types of cleansers and packaging to achieve the desired consumer experience. Presenter:  Johnson & Johnson

9. Superheroes in Disguise- Careers in Healthcare–Workshop stations will include understanding vital signs, the role of microbes and health, and understanding surgical interventions involving our skeletal system. When completed students will understand some of the interventions that would be provided by individuals choosing this career path Presenter:  Capital Health Systems

10. Cyber Security – Learn about various aspects of cyber security and then learn how to use simple encryption as Julius Caesar did during Roman times.  Students will utilize computers and the Caesar Cipher.  Presenter: AT&T


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