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   Why should I buy an eBike?
Electric bicycles are fun to ride while exercising, touring, doing errands, going to work and transporting kids. In addition, they are environmentally friendly when used for commuting, errands and other transportation needs. Ebikes are easy to use and maintain.  Go to Princeton e-bikes for great service, selection and test rides!

   How do I charge my eBike?
Ebikes come with a charger that uses a standard household plug.

   How far can I go on a charge?
A majority of bikes Princeton eBikes sells can go 30-60 miles on a charge depending primarily upon the number of hills, the amount of pedaling, the speed and the size of the battery.

   How long does it take to charge my eBike?
A fully discharged battery takes 2 to 7 hours to charge depending on make, model and type of bike.

   How much do eBikes cost?
The bikes at Princeton eBikes start at $1,500 and go up to $5,500 depending on the make, model and type of bike.

   How much do eBikes weigh?
Our bikes typically weigh 45-50 pounds with a few weighing more depending on make, model and type of bike.

   How long does the battery last?
With good care, batteries last 500+ charge cycles.

   What battery maintenance is recommended to maximize the life of the battery?
Maintain battery 30-60% full and store inside during winter months. During storage check charge monthly, keep frost free and below 90F.

   What’s the cost of a replacement battery?
Batteries typically cost between $400 and $800 depending on the make, model and type of bike.

   What maintenance is recommended for my eBike?
Our eBikes require similar maintenance as regular bikes … a tune-up every year or so depending on usage. Generally the motors in the bikes sold by Princeton eBikes run for years without maintenance.


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