College & Career

College Access Program

For High School Sophomore & Juniors (accepting only 34 students Fall 2019), the college access program will support getting accepted into College, a $2000 college scholarship, plus support to qualify and apply for additional scholarships and financial aid.
Students must be committed to attending 30 of 36 weekly classes/workshops/trips/events during the 2019-2020 school year and completing work projects towards applications/acceptances. Students must be willing and ready to do the ‘work' to get into college.The program
     - Helps you identify what schools to apply to (workshops/field trips)
     - Helps you with your college application, essays, references, transcripts
     - Helps you file your FAFSA and apply for scholarship/financial aid
     - Helps you prepare for SAT or ACT exams
     - Provides you with access to Internships & part time jobs to build your resume
More info: Contact Alycia Bertles, Teen Director at or call at 609-695-6060 ext. 223.
Info session June 11, 4-5 pm 1040 Spruce Street, Lawrence

Our goal is to provide high-quality enrichment programs for teens preparing them for college, careers and leadership roles. It's easy to register online or by downloading the registration/membership form and sending them via email to or by mail to 1040 Spruce Street, Lawrenceville, 08648 NJ .

Registration Form

Academy Registration must be done with paper registration (No online is available)

The Boys & Girls Clubs of Mercer County partners with various companies, organizations and educational institutions to provide hands-on learning experience in various career fields. These Academies are a great way for your High School student to gain valuable experience either to help them make career decisions and/or build their resume for college/job applications. 

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Career Academies

Academies partners with local businesses and colleges around hands on internship projects which enable teens to gain a better understanding of potential career options and building their resume for college applications. Teens also hear from guest speakers, attend field trips, and build connections with area professionals. Program cycles start each fall, winter and spring. Applications required. 

Future CPA Academy

This Academy is for 10th-12th Grade High School students to explore career opportunities within the accounting field. In the Fall students meet with weekly presenters from local accounting firms or colleges. They also work on the IRS Link & Learn software to learn tax laws and how to prepare 1040EZ returns. In January students take competency tests and learn how to use the IRS tax preparation software. Those students who pass the IRS exam then volunteer to prepare free tax returns for Mercer County residents as part of VITA program through United Way. The Spring term students visit local colleges, accounting firms and businesses.

Class schedule:

Fall 2018 Day: Thursdays 5:30 to 6:30 pm, 

Classes begin on October 11 and run through January 31, 2019

Internships being Febrary 2 and run through April 12, 2019. Students will commite to at least five dates.   Internships are done on Saturdays from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM.

Fee: $300 

IT Tech Academy

Want to explore a possible career in IT repair and support? Area High School students can enroll in our TECH Academy which provides high school students with IT Essential skills through participation in hands-on work on computers. By the end of the course, students will learn how to diagnosis, repair, and install software on computers. At the completion of the two-month course, students can participate in a 50-hour internships experience in our Computer Exchange.

Date:  Begings October 4th and runs through December 20th

Days:  Wednesday 5:30 to 6:30 pm

Internship : Tues/Thursday 5:00 to 7:30 pm (students need to complete 50 hours)

Fee: $300

STEM Academy

High School Students interested in learning more about STEM and possible STEM careers can enroll in the after school STEM Academy. The Academy utilizes a curriculum developed and supported by Rutgers University and is taught by Rutgers 4H Youth Development staff. Students meet twice a week throughout the school year to explore various aspects of STEM. Students can enroll either in a beginner or intermediate cohort based on their current STEM skills. Students can join for the month, or the entire school year.

Beginner Cohort - Students will first be introduced to the engineering design process through fun and engaging projects from the Design It curriculum. They will challenge each other to design, build, test, and redesign the strongest, fastest, or most accurate projects. Students will also test their creativity by making several projects using simple technology such as Scratch, Finch Robots, and MaKey MaKey kits. Students will also learn basic skills in soldering, electricity, screen printing, leatherworking, mold making, and sewing that will further prepare them to create a final project of their own design.

Intermediate to Advance Cohort - The intermediate group will build off of the work done in Level 1 to further develop their maker skills. These sessions use the same approach as the intro course but introduce more advanced technology in 3D printing, laser cutting, and robotics. Students are provided ample time to work in teams to design and create projects of their own choosing using these technologies.

High School Volunteer Leadership Academy

(9th-12th Graders)

Teens participate in leadership and volunteer service opportunities to meet high school community service requirements, build their resume for college applications, and work towards the President's Volunteer Service Award.

Future Educators Academy

 Logistics    Wednesdays:    6:30pm - 7:30pm                 Winter Session: (Jan 9th to March 27)   Spring Session: (April 3 to June 12)


Description:- High School students work with TCNJ department of education faculty to explore the education career pathway.  At least two sessions will be held at TCNJ campus.  After completing the classroom work students will be placed into a (50 hour) volunteer internship either in a preschool or after school setting to gain practical experience.


Week 1- You, the Teacher of Tomorrow (Why Teach?)

Week 2- Standing on the Shoulders of Past & Present Educators (Foundations of Teaching/Education)

Week 3- The Learner: Understanding Human Growth & Development

Week 4- Observing the classroom -- Field experience

Week 5- Planning for the classroom

Week 6- Teaching for the classroom (general)

Week 7- The Teacher: Teaching Diverse Styles and Needs (Differentiation)

Week 8- The Teacher: Teaching Diverse Styles and Needs (Culturally Responsive Teaching)

Week 9- The "Other Hats" of Teaching

Week 10- The Different Types/Structures of Schools and Teaching

Week 11- Understanding the teaching profession (e.g., governance, structure, certification)

Week 12- You, the Teacher of Tomorrow (Why Teach?)

Instructors:  Dr. Jonathan Ryan Davis & Dr. Lina Richardson

College & Career Pathways

Career Launch & Internships

Teens explore career options, develop a post high school career plan, and learn workplace readiness basics such as public speaking, cover letter and resume writing. After successfully completing the career launch program, teens are placed into a 50-hour volunteer internship. Teens that successfully complete their internship are recommended for part-time employment at the Club or with club partners.  

Internship opportunities include:

  • Assistant to members of the Leadership team
  • Computer repairs and sales
  • Bike repairs and sales
  • Afterschool assistant teacher in sports, art, computers, and cooking (Spruce Street & Centre Street locations)
  • Summer camp assistant teacher
  • Point of Sale at our membership office
  • Café BGs point of sale or food prep
  • Facilities department
  • Razor Sharp Barber Shop

Tuesdays & Thursdays; 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM
Monday & Wednesday; 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM

Fee: $300 - Scholarships available

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Preparation & Tutoring

ACT/PSAT/SAT Preparation & Math Tutoring

Does your teen need help in mathematics? Do they need a better understanding of mathematical concepts in Algebra, Trigonometry, Geometry, or Calculus? Do they need help with the mathematical portion of the PSAT/ACT/SAT exam? They can come to the club for expert help and guidance to aid them in their quest for success. Additionally, utilizing College Board and Khan Academy tools, teens will work through an individualized SAT prep curriculum. The curriculum allows students to track progress towards weekly goals developed towards test dates. Curriculum includes practice tests and phone app for daily problems.

5:15 PM - 6:30 PM

Fee: Free for Teen Gold Members; $50 per 8-week session 


Does your teen need help to prepare for the SAT? In this 6 weeks program, the following topics will be covered: Analysis in Science; the Heart of Algebra; Words in Context; Expression of Ideas/Essay; Problem Solving & Data Analysis; Standard English Conventions; Analysis in History/Social Science; Passport to Advanced Math/Additional Topics; Command of Evidence and 2 Practice Tests. The class will be facilitated by Dr. Chiamobi Amutah, a former employee of Kaplan with extensive experience working with SAT programming and prep.

College Prep 101

 This workshop helps teens to begin to understand what is required to be ready to apply for college and what needs to be done each year in High School.  Highly recommended for Freshman to Juniors.  Parents welcome to attend. At the end of the workshop teens will:    

  • Understand which high school courses are required to get into a four year college.
  • Understand GPA & placement tests and when they need to be taken.
  • Understand the search and application process & timing.
  • Have a check list of what they should be doing/accomplishing each year in HS to prepare.
  • How to overcome typical/common problems/challenges.
  • Learn about resources available to them to support this goal.
  • Will be registered for College Bound & Khan SAT Prep Academy.

Workshop Dates:  Oct 1, Nov 5 or Dec 3 Time: 5:30-6:30 PM   Fee: $30 Scholarship are available.                                                                                           For more information contact Alycia at

College Prep 201

This workshop provides teens with greater details in selecting their college choices, touring colleges, and applying for college.  Highly recommended for Sophomore to Seniors.  Highly recommend that students participate in the 101 course first. Parents welcome to attend. At the end of the workshop teens will be able to:                                                                                      

  • Have a college tour check list
  • Have an application to college check list
  • Have ACT & SAT prep schedule & strategy                             
  • Have a beginning understanding of Financial Aid process

           Dates:  Oct 15, Nov 19 or Dec 17                                                           Time: 5:30 to 6:30 pm Fee: $30 – Scholarships are available.

Classes are taught by the United Way staff.

Junior Achievement of New Jersey (7th - 12th Graders)

The Company Program: Learn the basics of how to put together a business plan. The Junior Achievement on-line national curriculum leas the teens through all the aspects of running a successful business. The culminating project of the course is for students to implement a business for a one day flea market.

Day: Thursdays

Fall session: Oct 4 to Dec 20

Middle School: 4:45 to 5:30

High School: 5:30 to 6:30

Fee: $150 per 11-week session; Free for Teen Gold & ASP members

TD Bank Stock Market Game (7th - 12th Graders)

This is for teens looking to learn about investing in the stock market, along with basic financial principals. Teens also participate in an on-line simulate stock market game to practice with the knowledge they learn. Teens who graduate out of this class are eligible to participate in the Club's Financial Investing Club.

Fee: $150 per 12-week session; Free for Teen Gold and After School Program members

Tutoring Students

Students work with K-4th grade students on improving reading and math skills utilizing a national curriculum. Students commit to 2 days per week from 3:00 to 6:00 pm for 12 weeks during the winter (January to March) or spring (April to May) semesters. 1 day training required prior to starting.  

Summer Camp

Students volunteer Monday - Friday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm for two weeks supporting the Club's camp program for 5 - 10 year olds under the direction of professional staff. 1 day mandatory training. Application deadline March 15th.

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Teen Special Events

High School Entrepreneur Contest (9th – 12th Graders)

Have you developed a business plan you think is great? Then enter our HS Entrepreneur Contest to see if you have the right stuff! You'll submit your plan in advance and the top 10 teams will make a 5 minute presentation to a panel of judges. The top five business plans will be awarded investment stakes to help jump start their business as prizes. Business plan is due 2 weeks prior to the competition, registration is required in advance, and limited to the first 25 competitors.

March 11, 2019
June 10, 2019 

Iron Chef Competition (9th - 12th Graders)

If you think you are the next master chef show your stuff at our Spring Iron Chef Competition on June 11, 2019! Students will be provided with a theme and budget, along with a guideline of what their presentation will be judge on by the panel of judges. Registration is limited and required by April 5th. 


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