Moving Forward Campaign

Moving Forward Campaign


A Letter to Our Supporters

Like the rest of the country, the Club is learning to live with the COVID situation as best we can in 2022. We are filled with hope for this spring and summer to continue to move forward for our Club kids. Your support is as vital as ever to help us by giving to our Move Forward campaign. After the past two years, we have a lot of experience operating in this changing environment with in-person programming. We can adapt and utilize health checks, masks/PPE, social distancing, and classroom pods when necessary. We currently serve hundreds of children each day. For K-8th grade students, we continue to provide academic support, enrichment programs, and social-emotional learning in a safe and healthy environment. Our staff supports programming after school at both Clubhouses and 8 other in-school Clubhouses.
Trenton schools had 100% remote learning for more than a whole school year, and the education gap, already evident, has grown and will slowed students’ progress for years. So, we are preparing to double the number of youth served, increasing our hours and days supporting students, providing meals twice a day, and implementing pull-out tutoring and mental health programs to combat learning loss and the social-emotional toll from the pandemic.
This fall, we opened six after school programs at three Trenton and three Ewing schools by raising over $250,000 in private donations to start up these locations. We've targeted elementary schools such as Parker, Mott and Grant in Trenton, as the kids need us there now more than ever. Help us sustain these efforts by giving to or by volunteering at one of our events or one of our Club member programs. We also have introduced monthly giving, so we can better sustain these efforts for our kids.
We feel incredibly blessed over these past years. We thank our donors and supporters who ensured we had the resources to serve the community. We also gratefully acknowledge our dedicated staff that came into work each day to provide Trenton area youth with a safe and enriching place to grow and learn. BGC Mercer continued to positively affect and impact our youth who need us the most. We will continue to move forward in 2022.



David Anderson

President & CEO

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