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angle-left New Speaker Series Helps Club Teens Explore Careers

For many teens in High School, the thought of life after graduation, enrolling in college, choosing a career, or finding work can be stressful. Where can I find a job? What school do I want to go to? What do I want to be? How can I get a job like that?

Recently, the Boys and Girls Clubs of Mercer County has launched a career speaker series to help teens navigate these questions and learn about career pathways, emerging industries, and jobs available in New Jersey and beyond.

The Speaker Series introduces Club Teens to professionals from various backgrounds and provides kids with a broader understanding of the career path, job responsibilities, and the steps they need to take to work in that profession. 

“95% of our kids want to graduate high school, but unfortunately, not many know what they want to do next,” stated Stephen Adam, Associate Teen Director. “By partnering with fortune 500 companies, colleges, small businesses, entrepreneurs, and other career professionals, our teens will have the opportunity to communicate with professionals with real-world experience in careers our teens are interested in.”

On February 6, the Club hosted its first speaker featuring Corliss Waitman, Punter from Denver Broncos, and a Music producer. More than 40 kids attended the first event and learned about careers in professional sports and the music industry.

“The goal is to provide our teens with practical activities and supporting resources to help them understand what direction they want to take and ultimately achieve their personal goals and be their best self, concluded Adams.

For more information on the Teen Speaker series or if you or your company is interested in becoming a Speaker, please contact Stephen Adam, Associate Teen Director, at (609) 695-6060 ext. 202 or



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