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angle-left It’s Official - Our Keystone Club is Reactivated!

It’s official - Our Keystone Club received its charter from BGCA and is reactivated!  The Keystone Club is a National BGC program that provides leadership development opportunities for high schoolers. Throughout the year, youth participate in activities focusing on academic success, career preparation, and community service. But what makes this program so special is it’s entirely run by its teen members!

Teens elect officers, recruit members, and select meaningful activities and community services projects with guidance from staff and mentors. These projects are generally centered on the Keystone Club’s focus areas and the National project. This year, the focus is on “reaching racial equity.” At the end of the year, Keystone clubs can participate in the National Keystone Conference, which brings together members from across the globe for an inspirational weekend.

“As a former Club kid and Keystone Club President, the Keystone Club is very nearand dear to my heart, and I credit the club for my leadership skills today,” said Keystone Club advisor Gary Lawery.  “As a Keystone member, I had the opportunity to travel across the country, meet like-minded teenagers, and learn what it truly meant to be a leader. I feel it is part of my responsibility to today’s  youth to provide that same experience I was afforded.”

After a few years of inactivity, the Keystone Club was reactivated this past fall, and before setting their goals for the year, the members had to consider a new name to brand their group as a charter requirement. “When considering the name of our club, we wanted to choose something that represented us well,” said Keystone Club President Akayla Cromwell. “We decided to name ourselves the Epimonos Keystone Club because Epimonos is the Greek word for tenacious. Our members are pretty energetic, and we love doing work that benefits our community and helps people, so we thought that tenacity perfectly describes how we operate collectively.”

In the coming weeks, the Epimonos Keystone Club members will volunteer at the Club and do community service activities outside the club. Additionally, the teens have planned a few fundraisers from which the proceeds will be used to ensure they are able to attend the 2023 National Keystone Conference in Dallas, Texas.


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