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    Announcement: Mercer County Community College Fall 2020 - Admissions/Placement Testing/Advisement/Registration
    Students advised to take the placement test will utilize remote placement testing for Fall 2020. 
    •   Students will still complete an online admissions application at: 
    •   Students are advised to take the placement tests if they do not have SAT or ACT scores or they do not meet minimum SAT, ACT, or NJSLA requirements: 

    • SAT (450 or higher) 
    • ACT (22 or higher) 
    • 11th grade NJSLA Performance Level score (4 or 5) 

    or students for whom English is a second language (ESL Students) 

    The remote placement testing links for Native English Speakers and English as a Second Language Speakers (ESL) can be found at  
    Once students have submitted SAT/ACT scores or have taken the placement test, MCCC staff will schedule an advisement/registration session through telephone, email, or Zoom.

    CARES Act:
    Through the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act, MCCC has over $1.9 million in direct aid to assist students with varying needs. This funding can assist students with tuition and fees, paying for books, food, transportation, housing, childcare, and technology, etc. These funds are limited, so students are urged to complete a short online application to identify their needs. Students will be contacted after completed of the application. MCCC is committed to continue to help students through this difficult time. Click here for the online application.

  • More info: Lisa Bogdziewicz, MCCC Admissions at or for general assistance, Alycia Bertles, BGC Teen Director at or call 609-433-4700 mobile

  • College Access Program 

    For High School Sophomore & Juniors (accepting only 34 students Fall 2019), the college access program will support getting accepted into College, a $2000 college scholarship, plus support to qualify and apply for additional scholarships and financial aid.


    Students must be committed to attending 30 of 36 weekly classes/workshops/trips/events during the 2019-2020 school year and completing work projects towards applications/acceptances. Students must be willing and ready to do the ‘work' to get into college.Program runs on Tuesdays from 4 to 6pm.

    The program

         - Helps you identify what schools to apply to (workshops/field trips)

         - Helps you with your college application, essays, references, transcripts

         - Helps you file your FAFSA and apply for scholarship/financial aid

         - Helps you prepare for SAT or ACT exams

         - Provides you with access to Volunteerships & part time jobs to build your resume


    Cost: $500 *Scholarships Available  More info, contact Alycia Bertles, 609-695-5050 ext 223

  • Career Launch 


    Teens will learn the fundamentals of workplace readiness.  This 12 week program will cover various topics such as: SMART goal setting; career exploration and discovery; field trips to local businesses; guest speakers from professionals in various industries/trades; interviewing techniques; public speaking; cover letter & resume writing.


    After successfully completing the career launch program, teens are placed into a 50-hour Volunteership (up to two Volunteerships) based upon availability.  Teens that successfully complete their Volunteership are recommended for part-time employment at the Club or with club partners.  Volunteership opportunities include:

    • Assistant to members of the Leadership team

    • Computer repairs and sales

    • Bike repairs and sales

    • Afterschool assistant teacher in sports, art, computers and cooking (Spruce Street & Centre Street locations)

    • Summer camp assistant teacher

    • Point of Sale at our membership office

    • Café BGs point of sale or food prep

    • Facilities department

    • Razor Sharp Barber Shop


    Tuesdays & Thursdays:    4 pm – 5 pm

    Mondays & Wednesdays: 5 pm – 6 pm


    Stipends paid to Teens: $300 per Volunteership 


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