Computer Exchange FAQs

What is the Computer Exchange?

Computer Exchange (CEX) is a not for profit, social enterprise with-in BGC Mercer. Members of the community are welcomed to volunteer in the CEX or to donate gently used computers and equipment, which may be refurbished and re-sold to the public. Through the CEX Club teens are provided with hands-on work experience, part-time jobs, and knowledge to inspire them to pursue careers in the field of IT. All proceeds from the Computer Exchange directly help the Boys & Girls Clubs to fund develop Career preparation and STEM programming.

When is the CEX open?

Due to COVID-19, the CEX is open by appointment only. Appointments can be made on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 12pm to 3pm by contacting Alex Sheppard, Director of IT


Can I get involved?

Volunteers are needed to assist with all aspects of the Computer Exchange. Interested in refurbishing computers or training our teens to work on equipment? Click here to learn more about volunteering at the Computer Exchange.


Why should I donate my old computer to the Boys & Girls Clubs?

Donating your old computer is a great way to use something you no longer need to it to the benefit the community. By donating you may be providing an opportunity for a student in need to have access to educational resources!


Where does my donation go?

There are two possible uses for refurbished computer equipment.

Some computers are used by our youth at the Boys & Girls Clubs.

Others are refurbished and resold at modest prices to members of the community.

What kind of donated equipment can the Computer Exchange accept?

We are only able to accept computers that are less than 5 years old, and in working condition. Please make sure your PC is operating with Windows 10 or newer and if donating a Mac recently updated operating systems are highly preferred.  We can always accept flat-screen monitors, laser/3D printers, wireless mice, keyboards, and various cables. We do not accept broken devices.

What if I have confidential information on my computer?

The Boys & Girls Clubs will remove all data from your device in accordance with industry standards. Devices that are non-operational will be recycled through township or county recycling programs. Confirmation of a wiped computer can be provided upon request.


Is my donation of my used device to the Boys & Girls Clubs tax deductible?

The answer is yes, but please always refer to the advice of your tax professional. Products donated by businesses can also be tax deductible, please remember to obtain a receipt (BGC Mercer cannot determine the value of your donation) and always refer to the advice of your tax professional.


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