Boys & Girls Club of Mercer County, NJ

Sports and Games

B BallBasketball

Every student who participates in our extended day learning programs can join a basketball team appropriate for their age group. Kids in grades 3 to 5 can play in the junior varsity league while sixth through eighth grade students play in the varsity league. Teams practice two times per week and compete in weekly games against other school sites.

Flag Football

Flag Football intramural teams compete to remove a flag or flag belt from the ball carrier. Games focus on Flag Football play fundamentals of running, throwing, and catching. Teams can be composed of both boys and girls.


Soccer games offer every player the opportunity to participate in soccer at his or her own level. Emphasis is placed on the development of soccer skills, participation, and enjoying the game of soccer.


Karate is offered through Princeton ATA Black Belt Academy. Club members are introduced to the practice of karate with high quality martial arts instruction. Martial arts help kids develop a sense of self discipline that can carry over into all aspects of life.

Downloaded Photos Sept 2010 090Lacrosse

Lacrosse is offered through a partnership with the Bobby Campbell Lacrosse Foundation. The Club offers members in third through sixth grade an opportunity to learn to play “the fastest game on two feet.”


Tennis is offered through our partnership with National Junior Tennis & Learning (NJTL) of Trenton. The short-court tennis program introduces Club members to tennis techniques and fundamentals, as well as learning match play and tennis etiquette.


Stepping is offered at each Boys & Girls Club site. Club kids learn the art and history of stepping, and techniques and routines in a team setting.


Yoga introduces Club members to yoga breathing exercises, yoga poses, and yoga relaxation. The class focuses on simple poses combined with proper breathing, inner awareness, and body alignment.