Boys & Girls Club of Mercer County, NJ

Academic Enrichment

Power Hour

Power Hour is a comprehensive homework help and tutoring program to help raise the academic proficiency of Club members ages 6 to 12.

Writing At DeskTutoring

Tutoring is offered for elementary and middle school students one-on-one with a tutor or in small group classes.

Digital Arts

Digital Arts introduces Club members to web page design (Web Tech), graphic design (Design Tech), photo illustration (Photo Tech), music composition (Music Tech), and movie making (Movie Tech). Instruction is designed and supplemented online on web sites developed by Boys & Girls Clubs of America.

Money Matters 

Money Matters promotes financial responsibility and independence among Club members ages 13 to18 by building their basic money management skills. Participants learn how to manage a checking account, budget, save, and invest. They also learn about starting small businesses and paying for college.


Career Explorers

Career Explorers encourages Club members ages 9 to 15 to assess their skills and interests, explore the diverse possibilities of tomorrow’s careers, and begin preparing for employment opportunities.

Drama Matters

Drama Matters allows members to learn the art of drama and performance while gaining public speaking skills and self-confidence.

Fares And RamieBe Great, Graduate

Be Great, Graduate identifies at-risk youth during their middle school years, pairs them with staff and volunteer mentors, and guides them toward high school graduation. Read more about Be Great, Graduate