Boys & Girls Club of Mercer County, NJ

Tween Girls Take a Trip to Camp Old Navy

Each year, Old Navy gives the unique opportunity to Boys & Girls Club members to participate in their youth outreach program, “Camp Old Navy”. 10 girls from Camp “Go” (Girls Only), the Boys & Girls Club’s summer camp program designed to boost self esteem and promote female friendships, traveled to Old Navy at the Oxford Valley Mall on Aug. 7 for a behind the scenes look at careers in retail.

Camp Old Navy is designed to assist 13 to 18 year old teens explore a variety of careers in the retail industry. The on-site visit provides insight to the “behind the scenes” operations at Old Navy and a chance for teens to work exclusively with store employees and managers in all fields.

Club girls spend the day touring the facilities from start to finish and are introduced to positions in retail ranging from stocking and sales associates-to managers. Teens spend time learning about each department of Old Navy and the requirements necessary to succeed in every position.

OldnavyGirls from Camp “Go” enjoyed most, the opportunity to dress store mannequins with clothes and accessories that would be placed in the store windows at the Oxford Valley Mall branch; a normal job responsibility of the fashion merchandisers of Old Navy.

“My favorite part of the day was being able to dress my mannequin because I love fashion and playing dress up, said Mizzani Bush, age 12. “I got to make her look like a super star.”

Following the tour of the facility, Club girls were served lunch provided by Old Navy, and participated in a question and answer session with Old Navy staff.

Career exploration is the key component to Camp Old Navy. Programs like Camp Old Navy help the Boys & Girls Club to continue implementing career development through Career Launch: the career oriented initiative that enables Club kids to experience and become prepared for future employment and career goals.

Career Launch helps teens understand the connection between educational and career success, explore career interests, develop career pathways, gain work experience, and prepare for college or technical school after high school graduation.