Boys & Girls Club of Mercer County, NJ

Club Celebrates 75th as Top Ten Club in Northeast

The Boys & Girls Clubs of America and Maytag joined together to pay a special visit to the Boys & Girls Club of Trenton with the Maytag repairman on Tues, August 7 in honor of the Club’s recognition as the #1 Club in the Northeast region and receiving the 2012 Maytag Dependability Award. 

The Maytag Dependability Award recognizes Boys & Girls Clubs that are exemplary in their performance over time and are acknowledged by the community as the agency that youth, parents, schools, community partners, and businesses depend on to make a positive impact on the lives of young people.

2Club Kids greeted the Maytag Repairman with a colorful “Welcome” sign prepared in art class, and four of the camp girls participating in Camp “Go” (Girls Only) provided the Maytag Repairman with a tour of the summer camp facilities at Columbus School.

Following the tour, the Maytag Repairman participated in teaching a heart-healthy cooking class presented by Dr. Robert P. Dell’Amore, founder of “The Power of Food”, a life skills program for Nutrition, children, and families. The Maytag Repairman helped to slice, dice, and stir a salad appetizer and pasta entrée before serving the meal to Club kids.

Finishing the day with a discussion on dependability, the Maytag Repairman spoke to Club kids about what it means to be dependable and how they have benefited from being members of a dependable organization such as the Boys & Girls Club.

“We all have something or someone that we can depend on in our lives, said Clay Jackson, the Maytag Repairman. “It is a wonderful thing that each and every one of you can include the Boys & Girls Club of Trenton on that list.”


Only 10 Boys & Girls Clubs (out of 2,500 nationally) were recognized for the Maytag Dependability Award following a competitive application process. Trenton was selected based on its ability to demonstrate the following values:

Dependability: Ability to build dependable relationships with members and the community through high daily attendance of members, proof of training/development for staff, effective community partnerships, and implemented ethics and public trust standards.

Performance: Positive outcomes for members in our core impact areas: education, healthy lifestyles, and character development.

Durability: Create dependable and sustainable levels of resources and support for its organization, including diverse revenue, strong governance, and financial stability.

The goal of the award is to recognize Clubs for outstanding performance. The cash grant which accompanies the award is intended to help the Club sustain and deepen its impact among community youth.