Boys & Girls Clubs of Mercer County, NJ

Our Impact

Boys & Girls Clubs programs are guided by the following principles for achieving successful outcomes:

  • Fun and interest-based programs attract children and teens.
  • Mentoring relationships that challenge, encourage, and retain young people.
  • Frequent attendance that foster student engagement.
  • Evidence-based programs that get results.

Our impact is measured by the number of youths we serve, retain as members, and guide to a positive future.

High School Graduation is Key

Over the past few years, the number of Boys & Girls Club senior class members who graduate from high school has risen to 99 percent, and the number going onto college or technical school is greater than 80 percent.

With over 40% of Trenton youths failing to reach high school graduation, the Boys & Girls Club is focused on increasing the number of members who advance to the next grade level and graduate from high school.

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Establishing career paths helps teens connect to the value of education.  Professional staff members and volunteer mentors help teens develop realistic goals and expectations.  Programs such as Career Launch, College Planning 101, and SAT Preparation help youth prepare for a positive future. 

New Initiatives Target Tweens

Capturing the interest and retaining the participation of middle-school kids when they are at the greatest risk of dropping out is critical to the Club’s goal of helping more kids stay on track to graduate from high school. 

There are now 400 middle-school students engaged in our dropout preventions initiatives.  One program, Be Great: Graduate, pairs at-risk youths with caring adult mentors (both staff and volunteer) who encourage kids to stay engaged in school.  The Club tracks their progress, provides timely interventions, and continually is learning how to best serve this challenging population.

Extended Day Learning Serves 1,000 Kids in 8 Locations

The Boys & Girls Club delivers after-school and teen programs to 1,000 children in our Centre Street Clubhouse, 6 public school sites in the City of Trenton and our Clubhouse in Lawrence, NJ. Our partner schools provide dedicated spaces such art rooms, gyms, computer labs, libraries, and classrooms during the after-school hours. The Boys & Girls Club holds extended day learning programs in the following locations:

212 Centre Street (Boys & Girls Club)
1040 Spruce Street, Lawrence Twp. (Boys & Girls Club)
Mott Elementary School
Thomas Jefferson Elementary School
P.J. Hill  Elementary School
Rivera Middle School
Robbins Elementary School
Village Charter School